Training Camp Opens

31 Jul

jpglive2 via Compfight cc

Today in suburban Rochester, Rex Ryan will assemble his enlarged 2015 squad of players to begin the first official Buffalo Bills Training Camp of the post-Wilson era. They will on the premises of St. John Fisher College for the next 3 1/2 weeks, conditioning themselves in the summer swelter to return to gameday fitness come September […]


Ramping Up RSD

30 Jul


I was just going through the annals of our stately little blog here. Dormancy is pretty common in the blogging world, unless you’re successful and raking in the views. We’ve had our share of slumbers. Of course, during summer it’s understandable with so little news swirling about. Last year, the sale of the Bills and […]


DeflateGate, Part Two: Roger’s Revenge

29 Jul


This blog originally opined several months ago at the very start of the DeflateGate/Ballghazi nonsense. We were wrong at the time, incorrectly assuming that, “The NFL will likely give the Patriots another token slap on the wrist.”  Looking back, it’s tough to believe underinflated footballs deserves anything more than a slap on the wrist, right? But fortunately […]


The 2015 Buffalo Offseason Gets A Different Tom Petty Song

15 Apr


For as long as I (and many other Buffalo sports fans) can remember, hope about our Bills and Sabres could have been characterized by the simply-tuned-but-deeply-intentioned Tom Petty hit, “Free Fallin’.” (So simply tuned, in fact, that Sam Smith wandered himself into a legal battle with a similarly simply-tuned hit, “Stay With Me.” We could […]


McCoy, Hughes, and the All In Bills

9 Mar

Lesean McCoy, the Bills new feature RB

We haven’t posted in a while, with it being the NFL offseason and all. But only hours away from the start of the NFL free agency cycle, we’re relishing looking back at a post back in mid-January which declared that the Pegulas were “all in.” That post was detailing our personally-held belief that the Rex Ryan hire […]


One Take on The Patriots Deflation Scandal

22 Jan


We knew, didn’t we? The last time the New England Patriots found themselves in the crosshairs of public opinion and shame due to Spygate, they were let off easy. The League let the team destroy the evidence, they were given a nominal fine and lost a 1st Round Draft Pick. They might as well have […]


The Most Intriguing Part About The Ryan Hire: It Actually IS Intriguing

17 Jan


The AFC East Internets are currently filled with a mixture of Bills fans who are gushing over the Rex Ryan hire, and Patriots, Jets, and Dolphins fans who are equally gushing. The guy is probably the 2nd most polarizing coaching figure in the NFL next to Bill Belichick. But seriously, that’s what intrigues me the most. […]


Proof Positive: The Pegulas Are All In

15 Jan


I bet most of you watched or heard about that 17-9 Bills victory against the Patriots in Foxboro (the first win in more than a decade) and thought to yourselves, “That’s fine and all, but our Bills should have been a playoff team.” We were resigned to having Doug Marrone back as Head Coach – a guy […]


Top Down Approach Needed At One Bills Drive

6 Jan


Happy New Year everyone! Here at Rich Stadium Dreams we’re still waiting for that return to the playoffs, but so much has happened in the last 12 months. The Pegulas have only been at this NFL Ownership thing for a few months, and yet they are faced with a situation that even the most tenured […]


The Bills’ Offensive Disconnect

21 Oct

Hackett and Marrone, at Syracuse

The current Buffalo Bills roster is a mighty talented one. Stacking it up against the other 31 teams in the NFL leaves you feeling pretty good about the Bills’ shot to contend for a playoff berth. The loss of CJ Spiller for the season damages that analysis, but in general he (as well as many […]