The Happiest of New Years

2 Jan

A leap. A catch. A spin. A dash. That’s all it took for December 31, 2017 to turn from just another Bills New Year’s Eve into one that none of us will forget. Tyler Boyd, a depth chart wide receiver for the Cincinnati Bengals, was our courier pigeon that day. He carried an ever-important parcel […]


Bills Rudderless, Driven By Hot Winds Of Upper Management

19 Dec

Buffalo Bills fans don’t need to listen to the radio or read the local paper to get a feel for their team’s current state. Things are going nowhere rather slowly. Heck, it’s taken 17 playoff-less years to get this far. Sure, it’s reassuring to read Tim Graham’s clue-laden treatise on what’s wrong with the Bills. We’ve […]


The Buffalo Bills In Crisis Mode Yet Again

17 Sep

If you’re reading this as a Bills fan, you may understand this bout of insomnia. You wake up, not believing the predicament your team is in. The difference this time is that it doesn’t nearly contain the anger it once did, moderated by the number of times this has happened. But tonight (or this morning) […]


Bills Season Seems Over Less Than A Week In

16 Sep

Dismantled and perplexed. That’s not exactly how Rex Ryan portrayed his defense after organized workouts in June. But that’s how they looked last night. Former Bills QB cast-off Ryan Fitzpatrick lit them up for something above 300 and less than 1000 yards last night. Matt Forte seemed to run through the Bills like a bullet through goose […]


Bills Loss to Ravens – Is It Just A Blip?

13 Sep

When you’re talking Buffalo Bills football, it’s not really a matter of the classic half-empty vs. half-full argument. Rather, the cup is riding on the Rex Ryan Express with the bridge out which happens to span a chasm over the fiery abyss of Hell and Bill Belichick. In other words, a 13-7 loss to Baltimore to open the […]


What Will It Take For The Bills To Succeed?

7 Sep

Our annual rite of passage has arrived, fellow Bills fans. Eternal optimists, we are. Last time I checked, Ralph Wilson Stadium New Era Field (the name change itself should have elicited a post here already, but we digress) has sold out for yet another home opener. The September 15th Thursday night tilt with AFC East rival New […]


Training Camp Opens

31 Jul

Today in suburban Rochester, Rex Ryan will assemble his enlarged 2015 squad of players to begin the first official Buffalo Bills Training Camp of the post-Wilson era. They will on the premises of St. John Fisher College for the next 3 1/2 weeks, conditioning themselves in the summer swelter to return to gameday fitness come September […]


Ramping Up RSD

30 Jul

I was just going through the annals of our stately little blog here. Dormancy is pretty common in the blogging world, unless you’re successful and raking in the views. We’ve had our share of slumbers. Of course, during summer it’s understandable with so little news swirling about. Last year, the sale of the Bills and […]


DeflateGate, Part Two: Roger’s Revenge

29 Jul

This blog originally opined several months ago at the very start of the DeflateGate/Ballghazi nonsense. We were wrong at the time, incorrectly assuming that, “The NFL will likely give the Patriots another token slap on the wrist.”  Looking back, it’s tough to believe underinflated footballs deserves anything more than a slap on the wrist, right? But fortunately […]


The 2015 Buffalo Offseason Gets A Different Tom Petty Song

15 Apr

For as long as I (and many other Buffalo sports fans) can remember, hope about our Bills and Sabres could have been characterized by the simply-tuned-but-deeply-intentioned Tom Petty hit, “Free Fallin’.” (So simply tuned, in fact, that Sam Smith wandered himself into a legal battle with a similarly simply-tuned hit, “Stay With Me.” We could […]