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Toronto Series Must End

20 Dec

So Eric Wood decided to come out with his opinion, and blasted the Toronto Series midweek. From the article, Wood’s comments were pretty blunt: “I love the city of Toronto for eating, and for pleasure, but the game just has a different feel and it’s not a whole lot of fun to play at this point.” […]

It’s Time Ralph

17 Dec

This is the tipping point. Fans have had enough. Let’s get this done. You’ve been riding out this stretch of ugliness for years now. You’re lucky that your talismanic former players have the respect for you that you seem to lack when it comes to the people of Western New York. Jim Kelly, Thurman Thomas…these […]

The Bills Are Like My Golf Game

10 Dec

When I was a teenager, up through my college years, I was pretty good at golf. I had a few par rounds, and kept my handicap around 5. I had the advantage of a local country club that made it very affordable for students to join. I’d play 36 holes a day on the weekends […]