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An Undrafted QB and the Know-It-Alls of the NFL

29 Aug

The season is approaching, and I keep having fans of other teams come and ask, “So…what do you think starting an undrafted QB in Week 1?” The truth is, it kinda sucks. That’s why I continue to hope and pray that E.J. Manuel, the “QB of the Future,” gets healthy and is completely ready to […]

State of Competence

17 Aug

Music.  It holds a special place in my mind.  When I play music, it just feels right. I’m not saying I am an accomplished musician.  I am merely a sit-in for a country band that plays for old folks.  Having played in many bands and jammed with many musicians over the years, I know one […]

This Is Why We Watch The Bills

15 Aug

I know you all are a lot like me. December rolls around, and all your friends who are either Steeler or Giant or Cowboy or Patriot or Eagle or Redskin fans are cranking up the heat. Their team is probably in the playoffs. Assuming they are, their interaction with you either moves to the realm […]