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The NFL Beat: Tire fire on the Gulf Coast

2 Oct

So welcome to our 2nd Installment of The NFL Beat. We didn’t publish one of these last week due to unforeseen streak of slothlike behavior. That’s good, because it gives us more to report. Buccs need to Bucc the trend For instance, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers extended their implosion into October. Head Coach Greg Schiano […]

Bills look to overcome 40 years of QB development failures

1 Oct

The Rich Stadium Dreams blog welcomes Stephen Brandt as our first contributing writer. You can find him on Twitter @StephenCBrandt. Welcome Stephen! – Ed The one thing that’s plagued the recent history of the Buffalo Bills is their inability to develop a good quarterback. You have to go back to Joe Ferguson to find a […]

Buffalo Roundup: Buffalo Bills 23, Baltimore Ravens 20

1 Oct

We realize this is a couple of days late, but nonetheless here it is! The first month of the 2013 National Football League season has flown by, and for the Buffalo Bills it has felt like a flying a twin-prop through a Category 5 hurricane at 2000 feet. The team has fallen short of expectations […]