Hey Browns, Don’t Let Your Calamity Ruin Our Turnaround

22 Jan


Wouldn’t you know it, as soon as it appears the Bills are getting their house in order, trying to make a run at their first playoff action in over a decade, another team could spoil the plan?

Sure enough, the Cleveland Browns are a disaster. So much so that they can’t find an assistant coach from a top team that’s willing to endure Jimmy Haslam’s Lakeside Trailer Fire.

Mike Pettine, Bills Defensive Coordinator...for now

Mike Pettine, Bills Defensive Coordinator…for now

So they are forced to come calling on Mike Pettine, the Bills’ Defensive Coordinator. He is obviously a guy who has his act together, and has reshaped the Bills defense into a sack machine. With another offseason, Pettine could have instilled the Bills defense with an attitude they haven’t seen since the days of Walt Corey. Aggressive, quarterback hungry, and with some better play at linebacker and DB, a top 5 Defense.

Instead it could be back to Square 1 for Buffalo.

Pettine is a solid choice for Cleveland, but there are lots of solid choices. But the Browns are an ugly mess, and the top candidates think the prospects of turning around the Browns are slim, and would more likely serve as a dead end to their career.

Perhaps General Manager Doug Whaley can look to up Pettine’s wages, and convince him to stay another year. It seems likely that another season of improvement in Buffalo would further impress other teams of Pettine’s leadership, and would allow him to find a Head Coach job at a team that has their act together. But I’m not sure that will happen.

It’s tough to remember a time when the Bills had a coveted assistant. We don’t know how they will react to this dilemma. Will they let him walk, potentially leaving a huge gap? Will they commit to continuing this rebuilding process, which could cost them a few extra dollars?

Here’s hoping Cleveland finds their ideal candidate elsewhere.

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