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As Good As It Sounds For Pegula, Temper That Optimism

31 Jul

The Bills always ask us to BILLieve, and the report from John Kryk of the Toronto Sun breeds way too much optimism for fans that want to see Terry Pegula ascend to the top of the Bills heap. Let’s sit here and assume the numbers are correct. $1.3B bid from Terry Pegula sounds like a Pegula-esque bid – […]

Facts Inconvenient For Bon Jovi & Toronto

25 Jul

This is just too bad. John Wawrow reported yesterday that Jon Bon Jovi and his group of Merry Meddlers have been looking around Toronto for a site to plant a football team. For 18 months. Wait just a minute! Didn’t Bon Jovi just send out his friends like Ron Jaworski to run interference for him, […]

Message For Mary Wilson – Sell To Bon Jovi, Ralph’s Memory Goes, “Bye-Bye”

19 Jul

Ms. Wilson, I’m sure you are a fair lady. You know how much the Bills meant to your husband, and how much your husband meant to the city of Buffalo. I’m afraid you may end up making a mistake in the coming weeks that not only breaks a lot of hearts, but also might break […]