The Most Intriguing Part About The Ryan Hire: It Actually IS Intriguing

17 Jan


The AFC East Internets are currently filled with a mixture of Bills fans who are gushing over the Rex Ryan hire, and Patriots, Jets, and Dolphins fans who are equally gushing. The guy is probably the 2nd most polarizing coaching figure in the NFL next to Bill Belichick.

But seriously, that’s what intrigues me the most. He actually is intriguing.

The previous hires at One Bills Drive have usually been uninteresting candidates that few teams were considering at the time. Doug Marrone was being courted by Cleveland as well as Buffalo, but that isn’t saying much. Chan Gailey and Dick Jauron were found somewhere in the heart of the scrap heap of head coaching candidates. If nobody else wants your next head coach, nobody on the outside is going to have much of a strong opinion about it.

Ryan’s time with the Jets was mixed. Early he had some success, but he’s rightfully questioned about his commitment to building a potent offense. Jets fans will enjoy inciting their Bills counterparts until Ryan and new Offensive Coordinator Greg Roman prove otherwise. But deep down, they never wanted to see Ryan go. Like any coach, a lack of a franchise QB makes consistent success almost impossible to attain.

On the top of the AFC East for so many years, the Patriots fans are equally laughing and also worrying. They long ago learned to puff themselves up like a peacock to try and scare off opposing fans. But they continue to cherish the waning moments of Tom Brady’s career, as everyone (even Belichick) must know the AFC East sledding will get much tougher when the Hall of Fame shoe-in hangs up the cleats.

As for Bills fans, the fact they have any ammunition at all in this fight is enough. Now the chatter can go from picking on the bandwagon nature of the Patriots fan, to how Ryan will have the defense ready to eat Brady for lunch.

That’s not much, but it’s enough to start. It will take results on the field to not only pull Buffalo back up into the top franchises in the NFL, but also grant fans a full measure of confidence in their coach’s ability to deliver on his rhetoric.

It’s all of this that will make this one of the longest offseasons we’ve experienced. Yes, the team needs to sort out the quarterback position, resign some key free agents, and go out and find an offensive lineman or two. But you’d be lying if you said you weren’t chomping at the bit for September to come.




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