Ramping Up RSD

30 Jul


I was just going through the annals of our stately little blog here. Dormancy is pretty common in the blogging world, unless you’re successful and raking in the views. We’ve had our share of slumbers. Of course, during summer it’s understandable with so little news swirling about.

Last year, the sale of the Bills and the induction of Andre Reed into the Pro Football Hall of Fame gave us some summer fodder. This summer, if you listened to WGR much, the focus was on Jack Eichel and the rebuilding Sabres. Sure, there was news like the season ticket record and Aaron Kromer’s arrest, but it’s nothing like actual football news.

But tomorrow it starts. Training camp opens at St. John Fisher, with all players expected to report today.

So let’s get back to action here at RSD.

Will it be every day coverage of the Bills? Oh, probably not. This isn’t even close to the most important part of our lives. So don’t hold it against us if there are some breaks.

But we’ll try to keep it moving. It is a new era for the Bills after all – Pegula, Ryan, Roman, and what have you. Of course, we could see the Playoff drought extend by another year. But maybe not.

Maybe this will be the year. In any case, get ready, here we come!

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