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The Buffalo Bills In Crisis Mode Yet Again

17 Sep

If you’re reading this as a Bills fan, you may understand this bout of insomnia. You wake up, not believing the predicament your team is in. The difference this time is that it doesn’t nearly contain the anger it once did, moderated by the number of times this has happened. But tonight (or this morning) […]

Bills Season Seems Over Less Than A Week In

16 Sep

Dismantled and perplexed. That’s not exactly how Rex Ryan portrayed his defense after organized workouts in June. But that’s how they looked last night. Former Bills QB cast-off Ryan Fitzpatrick lit them up for something above 300 and less than 1000 yards last night. Matt Forte seemed to run through the Bills like a bullet through goose […]

Bills Loss to Ravens – Is It Just A Blip?

13 Sep

When you’re talking Buffalo Bills football, it’s not really a matter of the classic half-empty vs. half-full argument. Rather, the cup is riding on the Rex Ryan Express with the bridge out which happens to span a chasm over the fiery abyss of Hell and Bill Belichick. In other words, a 13-7 loss to Baltimore to open the […]

What Will It Take For The Bills To Succeed?

7 Sep

Our annual rite of passage has arrived, fellow Bills fans. Eternal optimists, we are. Last time I checked, Ralph Wilson Stadium New Era Field (the name change itself should have elicited a post here already, but we digress) has sold out for yet another home opener. The September 15th Thursday night tilt with AFC East rival New […]