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Bills Loss to Ravens – Is It Just A Blip?

13 Sep

When you’re talking Buffalo Bills football, it’s not really a matter of the classic half-empty vs. half-full argument. Rather, the cup is riding on the Rex Ryan Express with the bridge out which happens to span a chasm over the fiery abyss of Hell and Bill Belichick. In other words, a 13-7 loss to Baltimore to open the […]

What Will It Take For The Bills To Succeed?

7 Sep

Our annual rite of passage has arrived, fellow Bills fans. Eternal optimists, we are. Last time I checked, Ralph Wilson Stadium New Era Field (the name change itself should have elicited a post here already, but we digress) has sold out for yet another home opener. The September 15th Thursday night tilt with AFC East rival New […]

The Bills’ Offensive Disconnect

21 Oct

The current Buffalo Bills roster is a mighty talented one. Stacking it up against the other 31 teams in the NFL leaves you feeling pretty good about the Bills’ shot to contend for a playoff berth. The loss of CJ Spiller for the season damages that analysis, but in general he (as well as many […]