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Buffalo Roundup: Buffalo Bills 23, Baltimore Ravens 20

1 Oct

We realize this is a couple of days late, but nonetheless here it is! The first month of the 2013 National Football League season has flown by, and for the Buffalo Bills it has felt like a flying a twin-prop through a Category 5 hurricane at 2000 feet. The team has fallen short of expectations […]

Buffalo Roundup: New York Jets 27, Buffalo Bills 20

22 Sep

Well, that was painful. We can’t say we didn’t warn you. While this wasn’t as much of a defensive struggle as I had expected, it was certainly a game of mistakes. Bills QB EJ Manuel had a “back to earth” kind of performance – battered, inaccurate, and largely outplayed by his fellow rookie counterpart, Geno […]

Buffalo Roundup: Buffalo 24, Carolina 23

16 Sep

We apologize for the lack of coverage about the first game of the season, a 23-21 loss to the New England Patriots. We were at the stadium for the game, but time constraints prevented publication. We may have an article about that game later this week. -Ed. Last season, we tried a simple recap structure […]