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McCoy, Hughes, and the All In Bills

9 Mar

We haven’t posted in a while, with it being the NFL offseason and all. But only hours away from the start of the NFL free agency cycle, we’re relishing looking back at a post back in mid-January which declared that the Pegulas were “all in.”┬áThat post was detailing our personally-held belief that┬áthe Rex Ryan hire […]

Let’s Circle The Wagons

28 Mar

It’s the end of March, and this has been the toughest month that I’ve ever experienced as a fan of the Buffalo Bills. Yes, even more than any of the Super Bowl losses, which were uniquely challenging in their own right. Assuming you are also a fan, you probably know the reasons why. First of […]

Overnight Success Was Never The Plan In 2013

26 Sep

You guys who are already complaining and fretting over another lost season, grow up. We’ve been here before. This certainly seems like its another tail-chasing equivalent of, “rebuild, suck, demolish” and repeat (notice the initials, RSD…I didn’t really mean to do that, but whatever). But the cold, hard truth of this current predicament is that, […]

Maybe the parity wheel is finally turning Buffalo’s way

17 Sep

Time and time again we hear all of the canned ideas about the NFL being a league of parity. Buffalo Bills fans like myself have been wondering for too long when that would manifest into a season of success. The fact is, winning takes years to develop. Early seeds need to be planted in order […]

This Is Why We Watch The Bills

15 Aug

I know you all are a lot like me. December rolls around, and all your friends who are either Steeler or Giant or Cowboy or Patriot or Eagle or Redskin fans are cranking up the heat. Their team is probably in the playoffs. Assuming they are, their interaction with you either moves to the realm […]