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The Happiest of New Years

2 Jan

A leap. A catch. A spin. A dash. That’s all it took for December 31, 2017 to turn from just another Bills New Year’s Eve into one that none of us will forget. Tyler Boyd, a depth chart wide receiver for the Cincinnati Bengals, was our courier pigeon that day. He carried an ever-important parcel […]

Bills Rudderless, Driven By Hot Winds Of Upper Management

19 Dec

Buffalo Bills fans don’t need to listen to the radio or read the local paper to get a feel for their team’s current state. Things are going nowhere rather slowly. Heck, it’s taken 17 playoff-less years to get this far. Sure, it’s reassuring to read Tim Graham’s clue-laden treatise on what’s wrong with the Bills. We’ve […]

Message For Mary Wilson – Sell To Bon Jovi, Ralph’s Memory Goes, “Bye-Bye”

19 Jul

Ms. Wilson, I’m sure you are a fair lady. You know how much the Bills meant to your husband, and how much your husband meant to the city of Buffalo. I’m afraid you may end up making a mistake in the coming weeks that not only breaks a lot of hearts, but also might break […]

Bills look to overcome 40 years of QB development failures

1 Oct

The Rich Stadium Dreams blog welcomes Stephen Brandt as our first contributing writer. You can find him on Twitter @StephenCBrandt. Welcome Stephen! – Ed The one thing that’s plagued the recent history of the Buffalo Bills is their inability to develop a good quarterback. You have to go back to Joe Ferguson to find a […]

State of Competence

17 Aug

Music.  It holds a special place in my mind.  When I play music, it just feels right. I’m not saying I am an accomplished musician.  I am merely a sit-in for a country band that plays for old folks.  Having played in many bands and jammed with many musicians over the years, I know one […]