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Bills Season Seems Over Less Than A Week In

16 Sep

Dismantled and perplexed. That’s not exactly how Rex Ryan portrayed his defense after organized workouts in June. But that’s how they looked last night. Former Bills QB cast-off Ryan Fitzpatrick lit them up for something above 300 and less than 1000 yards last night. Matt Forte seemed to run through the Bills like a bullet through goose […]

Maybe the parity wheel is finally turning Buffalo’s way

17 Sep

Time and time again we hear all of the canned ideas about the NFL being a league of parity. Buffalo Bills fans like myself have been wondering for too long when that would manifest into a season of success. The fact is, winning takes years to develop. Early seeds need to be planted in order […]

Love, Business and Jairus Byrd

28 Jul

From the average Bills fan’s perspective, free agency is one of the most frustrating aspects of the business of modern sports. Frustration is a part of life for most fans, but it is definitely a consistent source of disappointment for the Bills fan.  We participate every weekend regardless of the outcome.  We buy jerseys, hats, […]

Toronto Series Must End

20 Dec

So Eric Wood decided to come out with his opinion, and blasted the Toronto Series midweek. From the article, Wood’s comments were pretty blunt: “I love the city of Toronto for eating, and for pleasure, but the game just has a different feel and it’s not a whole lot of fun to play at this point.” […]

It’s Time Ralph

17 Dec

This is the tipping point. Fans have had enough. Let’s get this done. You’ve been riding out this stretch of ugliness for years now. You’re lucky that your talismanic former players have the respect for you that you seem to lack when it comes to the people of Western New York. Jim Kelly, Thurman Thomas…these […]

Chan Gailey – At Least He Doesn’t Invest Your 401K

21 Oct

I will probably write a recap tomorrow when my head gets on right, but right now I have to blow some steam. Today’s game was a journey through several levels of different ebbs and flows. After all of that, here’s what you need to know: 3:55 left in the 4th quarter, Bills 34, Titans 28. […]

Buffalo Roundup: Buffalo Bills 19, Arizona Cardinals 16

15 Oct

The first nailbiter of the 2012 season came down on the side of the Bills today, 19-16 over the Cardinals. Rather than get wrapped up writing a typical recap, I’m going to try a format and see what happens. Play That Sealed The Game: About 12 minutes remaining in Overtime, 3rd and 10 from the […]

Bills GamePlan – Arizona Cardinals

12 Oct

The Bills GamePlan article will be a recurring look at the upcoming game for the Buffalo Bills.  The prevailing philosophy heading into the 2012 season was that the Bills would have a solid opportunity to make a playoff run. A contributing factor to the optimism was 4 dates against NFC West opponents, who apart from […]

Welcome to Rich Stadium Dreams

8 Oct

I remember the day when the goalposts came down. I wasn’t there, but I was watching on television. The Buffalo Bills were hosting the New York Jets, and Scott Norwood needed to boot an overtime field goal through the uprights to send the Bills to the playoffs for the first time since the Ground Chuck […]