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What Will It Take For The Bills To Succeed?

7 Sep

Our annual rite of passage has arrived, fellow Bills fans. Eternal optimists, we are. Last time I checked, Ralph Wilson Stadium New Era Field (the name change itself should have elicited a post here already, but we digress) has sold out for yet another home opener. The September 15th Thursday night tilt with AFC East rival New […]

The 2015 Buffalo Offseason Gets A Different Tom Petty Song

15 Apr

For as long as I (and many other Buffalo sports fans) can remember, hope about our Bills and Sabres could have been characterized by the simply-tuned-but-deeply-intentioned Tom Petty hit, “Free Fallin’.” (So simply tuned, in fact, that Sam Smith wandered himself into a legal battle with a similarly simply-tuned hit, “Stay With Me.” We could […]

Proof Positive: The Pegulas Are All In

15 Jan

I bet most of you watched or heard about that 17-9 Bills victory against the Patriots in Foxboro (the first win in more than a decade) and thought to yourselves, “That’s fine and all, but our Bills should have been a playoff team.” We were resigned to having Doug Marrone back as Head Coach – a guy […]

Season Changer? Buffalo 17, Minnesota 16

20 Oct

Going into Sunday, Bills fans were mostly looking at the contest against Minnesota as a “should win.” And 58 minutes into the affair, that wasn’t happening. Turnovers from the offense, major injuries to two stars, poor tackling and pass coverage on defense, and even some head-scratching problems in the kicking game made for a long, bitter, […]

Buffalo 23, Chicago 20 (OT) – Surprising Start

8 Sep

For Buffalo Bills fans and media, it was difficult to look at Game 1 of the 2014 season without worried of the dreaded disappointment experienced in recent memory. The preseason failed to inspire confidence, and good luck trying to think of a difficult road opponent being beaten at any time, let alone on opening day. No more. After all […]

Let’s Circle The Wagons

28 Mar

It’s the end of March, and this has been the toughest month that I’ve ever experienced as a fan of the Buffalo Bills. Yes, even more than any of the Super Bowl losses, which were uniquely challenging in their own right. Assuming you are also a fan, you probably know the reasons why. First of […]

Beating The Champs, And The Fallacy Of Great Super Bowl Winning Coaches

29 Sep

Today we saw something quite interesting, and quite indicative of the way the National Football League is trending. It’s been so long since the Bills have seen true consistency and quality, we’ve continued to believe the old theory: Only the best coaches can win Super Bowl rings. It’s easy to think back to Jimmy Johnson […]

Buffalo Roundup: New York Jets 27, Buffalo Bills 20

22 Sep

Well, that was painful. We can’t say we didn’t warn you. While this wasn’t as much of a defensive struggle as I had expected, it was certainly a game of mistakes. Bills QB EJ Manuel had a “back to earth” kind of performance – battered, inaccurate, and largely outplayed by his fellow rookie counterpart, Geno […]

Preview: Bills at Jets – Sunday, Sept. 21, 4:30 PM

21 Sep

Buffalo Bills at New York Jets Met Life Stadium Sunday, September 21st, 4:30 PM, CBS This is the second AFC East Division match for both the Bills and the Jets, each team suffering defeat at the hands of the Patriots. But both teams had their chances against New England, a potential sign of a weakening […]

Buffalo Roundup: Buffalo 24, Carolina 23

16 Sep

We apologize for the lack of coverage about the first game of the season, a 23-21 loss to the New England Patriots. We were at the stadium for the game, but time constraints prevented publication. We may have an article about that game later this week. -Ed. Last season, we tried a simple recap structure […]